Futurity Rules & Regulations

Futurity Rules & Regulations

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Futurity Ground Rules

  • Open to all horses ages 3-6. Registration papers or verified proof of age required. As well as coggins and health papers.
  • 2 Judge format with time of run subtracted from 80 points on each run will be combined with judges’ scores for total score of run.
  • 4 head, progressive after 2
  • Round 1 buy-backs available for any no time run (run must have concluded in a no time to be eligible for buy-back option!)
    • Must request buy-back within 15 runs of original draw position to line judge or office
    • Buy-backs will be $500 with 50% going into the average payout
    • Will apply to all side pots without extra charges
    • All buy-backs will be ran at the end of the first round.
  • Top 3 scores in Rounds 1 and 2 will be paid
  • 5 second barrier
  • 5 second leg penalty
  • All side pots and bonuses will be figured on the average of 3 steers.
  • Re-runs will be given at judges’ discretion with the sound of a horn. All judges’ decisions are final.
  • Any disruption to event or disrespect shown to personnel or staff can result in expulsion from event without refund. Short rounds will be ran from lowest eligible score on 3 head to highest per division.
  • Short Round Format Top
    • 45 horses in average on 3 steers will come back to one of three short rounds. Horses placing 1-15 after 3 rounds will compete in the Platinum Medal Short Round. Horses placing 16-30 after 3 rounds will compete in Gold Medal Short Round. Horses placing 31-45 after 3 rounds will compete in the Silver Medal Short Round.
    • Horses are only eligible for payout and prizes in the level in which short round they compete.
    • 50% Average payout will be divided up amongst the Platinum Medal average winners.
    • 30% Average payout will be divided up amongst the Gold Medal average winners
    • 20% Average payout will be divided up amongst the Silver Medal average winners.
  • Dress Code will be PRCA approved attire.
  • Prize money will be paid to the that provided tax information on entry form.
  • The Platinum Medal Futurity reserves the right to cancel, transfer, or reschedule event without notice and/or liability. In the event is cancelled all entry and stall fees will be refunded.

Futurity Entry Information

  • Contestant meeting at 8:30 am August 31st. Heading Futurity starts at 9:00 am.
  • Rounds 1-3 of heading futurity will be held Thursday, August 31
  • Rounds 1-3 of heeling futurity will held Friday, September 1 starting at 9:00 AM.
  • Short Rounds of heading and heeling futurities will be held Saturday, September 2 after Platinum Medal Rope Horse Prospects Sale. Start time TBA.
  • $1,000 entry fee 80% payback. Pre-entries will close July 31st.
  • Late entries will be accepted until August 17th with a $200 late fee.
  • All rider changes must be made by August 17th, there will be no last-minute rider swaps at the event.
  • $200 entry to $5,000 Added Royal Crown Futurity Side Pot with 80% payback.
  • $200 entry fee to 3/4 year old Side Pot with 80% payback.
  • $200 entry fee to Owner/Rider Side Pot with 80% payback.
  • The Medal Program Bonus pot 100% payout.
  • Coats Saddles to High Point Head and Heel Horse
  • Breeder/Owner Award to be given to the highest scoring horse that is currently owned by its breeder.
  • Double Entry Bonus – if a horse wins money with both riders they will be eligible for bonus.
  • Each horse can be entered with two riders as long as the first rider is a 6HD/7HL or higher, and the second rider is a 5.5HD/6.5HL or lower. Each horse can only be entered once in each side pot and rider must be designated on entry form.
  • Contestants are responsible for finding their own helper. Contestants are limited to showing 4 horses per roping.
  • Stalls are $200 for the weekend. August 30- September 3. Please be sure to account for help horse and tack stalls when submitting stall form. Stall & RV reservations may be made through openstalls.com
  • Sale horse stall are included in Consignment Fee and will be August 31- September 2
  • Shavings are available on site. No outside shavings permitted.